Services are all inclusive.

There are no add ons or up charging for ashiatsu, cupping therapy, pain relief ointment or aromatherapy.

Covid-19 Precautions: If you have received a vaccine, please wait at least 48 hours after to schedule a massage appointment.
Office is equipped with a HEPA certified air purifier, medical grade cleaning solutions used after each session, extended time between clients.

All Massage Services

60 Minutes $135
90 Minutes $175
2 Hour (Ashiatsu Only) $250


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Roll & Recover

Foam Rolling Session- In Person or Virtually
30 Minutes $55
60 Minutes $105


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2 Hour Session $255
Includes: Pre / Post Intake, 60 Minute Massage,
40 Minute Hypnotherapy  
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Ashiatsu Barefoot  Massage

Ashiatsu means foot pressure in the Japanese language and is an amazing way to get a full body deep pressure massage. This barefoot technique allows us to deliver firm, broad, consistent pressure while utilizing our feet, body weight and working with gravity – not against it. Oil is applied to the body making this deep therapeutic massage fluid and promotes deep relaxation. Ashiatsu elongates muscles, detoxifies, improves posture, decreases pain and so much more. Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage can include Cupping, Fascia Blasting, Essential Oils, CBD ointment. 

Therapeutic  Massage

 Relax your body, and calm your mind with our customized hands on therapeutic massage. Tailoring each session specifically to your needs, we blend long circulatory stokes, trigger point therapy and use a variety of additions to promote deep relaxation and relieve pain - Therapeutic Massage can include Deep Tissue, Cupping, Fascia Blasting, Essential Oils, CBD ointment.

Cupping Therapy

 into your scheduled massage

Looking for a deeper relief, the addition of cupping therapy in to your massage will help you target those extra tight areas. The suction and negative pressure provided by cupping can loosen specific muscles, encourage blood flow, and reduce pain and inflammation.

Prenatal / Postpartum Massage

Let us help you on our journey of becoming a new momma for the next nine months as your body creates a new life! Prenatal Massage therapy is extremely beneficial to your health and can relieve the added muscle aches and joint pains, help reduce anxiety and stress, improve circulation, reduce swelling, promote better sleep and so much more. 

Postpartum massage is just as beneficial as massage during pregnancy. Often the more common areas of tension are the upper and low back, neck, arms and feet as you adjust to holding and feeding your new little one. Postpartum massage benefits can include hormone regulation, reduces swelling, better sleep, and helps in healing your body to pre-pregnancy condition. 


Roll & Recover - Foam Rolling

Increase your muscle release progression in between massage sessions with a guided foam rolling session. Target specific areas that are causing your discomfort using foam rolling tools.  Increase blood flow, release fascia and triggering tension within each personalized guided session. Can be scheduled in person at the office in Dana Point, or virtually.